Family Law

KWG Family and Legal Mediation Services offers experienced representation in all areas of family law. Our legal team understands that each situation is unique and that family law representation requires a thorough and skilled approach. Trust our team to provide outstanding counsel in your time of need. Your family’s well-being is our first priority.


Mediation is an important part of the family legal services we offer at KWG Family and Legal Mediation Services. Our skilled attorneys facilitate productive communication to resolve issues swiftly and amicably. We’ve helped countless individuals and their families with issues such as asset distribution and child custody. You benefit from our experience!

Estate Planning

Are you ready to plan for the future? Our skilled attorneys offer a variety of estate planning services including wills, trusts and power of attorney. It’s not easy planning for the end of life, but it’s vital for ensuring the well-being of your family and loved ones. Let our attorneys simplify the process and create a unique plan which fits your needs. We’ll be here for you!

Founder & Managing Partner

Kristen Goss, Esq.


Experienced Family Law Attorney

Kristen Goss is a South Florida native and the founder and managing partner of KWG Family Legal and Mediation Services, LLC.

Certified Family Mediator

She utilizes her mediating skills and experience as a guardian ad litem to ensure her clients reach an amicable resolution.

Certified Guardian Ad Litem

Especially when children are involved, we seek for a settlement that is in the child(ren)’s best interest,  in hopes of fostering a healthy environment.

Our Practice Areas

Our areas of focus include Divorce, Child Support, Timesharing, Adoption, Surrogacy, Dependency, Wills, Trusts, Probate, and Guardianship.



Do you want to end your marriage? Florida allows divorces based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or the mental incapacity of one spouse for at least three years.

Child Support & Timesharing

Child Support & Timesharing

Our firm can help you obtain custody through collaboration, mediation, or litigation. We are also familiar with Florida’s child support guidelines and can help make sure that you receive or pay a fair amount.



Kristen Goss focuses on providing comprehensive, individual, and affordable legal services to adoptive parents, adoption agencies, and birth parents in a professional and supportive environment.



If you are accused of child neglect or abuse, a DCF investigator may come to your home. The investigators have legal authority to remove the child from your home and make a temporary placement.

Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts

Estate planning that focuses simply on Florida estate tax planning may miss one-half of a family’s needs. The other half is asset protection — protecting your hard earned savings and property.



The commencement of a Florida guardianship is typically used in two situations — either when a minor receives assets in excess of $15,000 or when a person may be incapacitated.


Family Law: What You Need to Know

Divorce Mediation Services

As we approach the new year, here are a few good tips you should know: If your divorce is not finalized in 2018, you may lose a lot of tax benefits. There are no grandparents’ rights in Florida so long as one parent is fully capable of raising their child or children. If you are seeking full custody of your child or children, you need to have solid proof that the other parent is not capable of caring for the child—the other parent

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