Ending a marriage impacts every aspect of your life. It is not just a legal problem. Divorce changes your marital status, your financial situation, your relationship with friends, family and even your own children. Divorce changes the way you feel about yourself and brings with it huge emotional changes and traumas.

Virtually every part of your life will be touched and in almost all instances the impact will be negative. We strive to help our clients through their divorce with professionalism, integrity, and compassion.

The Legal Strategy: What Does Divorce Mean for Me?

The issues involved in a dissolution of marriage are important and far reaching. If there are children, parental responsibility is at the top of the Judge’s list of concerns and yours as well. Access to your children, that is – “Where are my children going to live?” and “When will they be with me?” – is always a key issue for most parents.

Although nearly 50% of all marriages end in divorce, it is important to understand that your legal battle is different than anyone else’s you might know. Whether it is your decision to begin a divorce, or if you were the one served with divorce papers, our divorce expert will analyze the facts of your case and develop a legal strategy to maximize your time with your children, post divorce.

If you have children, they will become the focus of the proceedings from each vantage point: Yours, ours and the judge’s. Time Sharing, a Parenting Plan, Child Support and the best interest of the children will be the Court’s primary consideration during your divorce. We will work with you to focus on the children’s issues to insure their best interests are protected and to insure that you understand the factors the Court will examine when considering what is best for the children.

In addition to developing a legal strategy focused on your children, we will also develop a strategy to deal with the other issues in your case. Equitable Distribution – the dividing up of the assets and liabilities can be an area fraught with peril. Alimony is always an acrimonious issue between the parties and child support can be as well. With each issue, we will assess your goals and objectives and the facts of your case and then develop a strategy that is designed to help you pursue those goals.

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